SkyConnect Intergration in Home Assistant


I’m really hoping this is a stupid question, and it probably is, so I apologise in advance as I’m quite new to the world of Home Assistant. I have a Raspberry Pi4 running Home Assistant, with a SkyConnect stick connected by a long USB cable to the Raspberry Pi. I am running the Mosquitto broker and Zigbee2MQTT add-ons and all my Zigbee devices are detected correctly and functioning as expected. The SkyConnect stick is running the Zigbee EZSP Version firmware.

So here is the stupid question part of this post. On the Integrations panel of Home Assistant, I see the following tile (not sure that screenshot has posted correctly, hopefully it has):


In case that screenshot didn’t post correctly, the tile has the Zigbee red “Z”, with the text “SkyConnect v 1.0” and “Zigbee Home Automation”, along with the buttons “Configure” and “Ignore”.

But when I click on the “Configure” button I receive the message “Do you want to set up SkyConnect v1.0?”. When I click on “OK” I then received the message “Failed to probe the usb device”. Then the tile no longer appears on the Home Assistant Home Dashboard until I reboot Home Assistant.

Should I be able to configure the SkyConnect stick by clicking the “Configure” button from that tile, have I messed up something with my configuration, or am I just an idiot who doesn’t understand how this hardware integrates together (the most likely option).

I appreciate any comments or feedback.




You can click on Ignore. Zigbee Home Automation or ZHA is a zigbee integration but you are using Zigbee2mqtt (which is another zigbee integration)

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Yeah I found it confusing too. Its not a SkyConnect Integration, its the ZHA Integration that has detected a SkyConnect that it “could” directly connect to, so “SkyConnect” is the name they give it. If one happens to be using the SiLabs Multipan Add-On, it detects the AddOn and they change the name to “SkyConnect Multi-PAN”, but its still a ZHA Integration.

Thanks makai and Tommy for your feedback. What you have both said makes sense, and certainly stopped me from tinkering with things that I had no reason to mess with that would inevitably have caused me to break something that was working fine in the first place. Much appreciated.

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