SkyConnect matter status?

Bought two SkyConnects sometime last year just to have something on hand for Zigbee and maybe Matter, never used it as I prefer zwave and API driven stuff on my dockered HA…however bought some Matter lights on a deal and figured the SkyConnect by now would be supporting it. It seems that I jumped the gun as per the HA website not much seems to have happened with the SkyConnect unless I am misunderstanding its current status…basically wondering if I should return the lights as Matter is still not supported. Only bought these as it seems lights are either a WIFI, Zigbee or maybe a Matter thing…wondering if I should just get the Zigbee version as Matter is just not a thing yet or go “ugh WIFI ugh” as I don’t see myself getting a bunch of Zigbee + powered stuff to support another mesh next to zwave!

What Matter devices did you buy ? There is Matter over Thread, for this you need the SkyConnect in multi protocol mode, and there is Matter over WiFi, without the need for the SkyConnect.

In both cases, they should be supported by the Matter Integration.

Linkind WIFI smart bulb…actually it might just support WIFI as well…the Amazon item stated Matter, but maybe it does WIFI as well. Again haven’t really done much research just bought this on a whim… Linkind Matter WiFi Smart Light Bulbs, Work with Apple Home, Siri, Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, RGBTW Color Changing Light Bulbs Mood Lighting, Music Sync, A19 E26 60W, 2.4Ghz WiFi Only 6 Pack -

From the description, it is Matter over WiFi, no mention of Thread on the whole page.

When I try installing the MATTER (BETA) it states “ws://localhost:5580/ws” and when clicking submit it says “Failed to connect” what am I missing here?

Supported installation types

It is recommended to run the Matter add-on on Home Assistant OS. This is currently the best-supported option.

If you run Home Assistant in a container, you can run a Docker image of the Matter server. The requirements and instructions for your host setup are described on that GitHub page.

Running Matter on a Home Assistant Core installation is not supported.

installing already (found it just before you posted), sorry for all the questions…for some reason got put on the wrong track on this whole Matter thing!