SkyConnect Multiprotocol Failed setup, will retry

Hi! I have been trying for some time to migrate all devices over to ZHA using the SkyConnect.

However I seem to have hit a snag after adopting my IKEA Tradfri devices. At random times my ZHA integration crashes and gives me the “Failed setup, will retry” error.

Sometimes it comes back up if i do a homeassistant restart but other times i have to do a full system reboot before it comes back.

I’m not sure what information you need to assist me so please let me know and I’ll gather it.

Best regards

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Better not use the multiprotocol firmware, but to flash Zigbee firmware to the Skyconnect.

I have the same problem, every now and then the ZHA integration fails to start. Usually restarting HA fixes the problem but just now it would not. What finally worked for me was to actually reboot the VM that HA is running in.

This issue might be relevant: ZHA becomes unavailable everytime a HA Core Update is available · Issue #116970 · home-assistant/core · GitHub.

Yea I have to do the same like everyother reboot i have to do a system reboot instead of a HA reboot, but then a few days later, low and behold it crashes again

Yea I was wondering about if that could be the issue. Might have to give that a go