Skyconnect not being detected in hardware

I’ve set up a SkyConnect dongle and have been using my ZigBee devices through it for a while.

I know the SkyConnect’s special firmware was disabled for a while, but I was reading a blog post posted earlier this month where supposedly it was turned back on. The post mentions that it’ll be available in 2022.3, so I updated to the 2022.3 beta. The beta release notes even called this out as something that works now.

As I mentioned, I’ve been using the ZigBee side of it for a while without issue. ZHA detects it just fine:

But when I go to Settings → System → Hardware I can see the Raspberry Pi I’m connected to and nothing else:

And then when I hit “all hardware” I can see that the SkyConnect is listed as a USB device but it doesn’t give me any option to configure it for Matter support, or any indication that it’s in any way “special”:

What gives? Am I missing something obvious?

I myself don’t really know what the criteria is for SkyConnect to show up in System->Hardware
but if ZHA works fine w. SkyConnect, then at least SkyConnect is still working which is good!

If you want to run multipan (Both Zigbee and Thread), then you’ll need to add the Multipan Add-On. When you do this, it will rewrite the firmware on the SkyConnect to run with the Multipan Add-On. What I don’t know is what happens to the existing ZHA. ZHA will no longer be able to use the SkyConnect as a serial port, it will have to use a tcp socket to connect with the Multipan Add-on where the Zigbee stack would be located. HA may actually auto-reconfigure your ZHA to use that socket, but that’s what I’m not sure about.