Skyconnect # of devices

have tried to search for info on this without any luck: how many devices can be connected to a skyconnect?

As most Zigbee coordinators : 32 direct connected children. Up to 200 devices if connected through routers.

thanks; is there any way to see how many direct connected children I have?

ZHA has a map that shows that.

thanks, that is helpful; do i understand it correctly that direct children are all that are linked directly to the dongle regardless of being end points or routers?; and all that are not linked directly (also regardless of being endpoints or routers) do not count against to 32 limit?

also, does the sonoff zigbee dongle have the same limits (32 and 200)?


The Sonoff Dongle Plus E has the same limits (same chipset family), the Sonoff Dongle Plus P with latest firmware has a limit of 50 direct children

The 200 limit relates to Zigbee 3.0 devices, not total devices. You can have many more devices as long as the number of Zigbee 3.0 ones don’t exceed 200.

So do I interpret that correctly: I can have like a 1000 matter devices, AND 200 Zigbee3 ones all served by this lovely lil’ stick? :slight_smile:

Well, if by Matter you meant Thread, then … maybe.

Nobody knows what the practical limit of a Thread mesh is yet. Nobody knows what the combined Zigbee+Thread limit is on that stick yet either.