SkyConnect on remote server

I do have 2 linux servers in my network.
1 - runs Home assistant core in docker
2 - runs just Linux (Ubuntu) and is placed more central in my house to have a good coverage for my z-wave network.

I want to connect a SkyConnect to the second server and use it in my Home Assistant on the first server. What is a good way to do this, like the zwavejs or some other solution.

Maybe you should look at ser2net package in linux.
SkyConnect is just an usb serial port in fact (I have not but I have Sonoff ZBDongle pretty similar)
With ser2net, your port is going to be available remotely, on your lan and you can access to it in HA

You can install it directly on linux or more easily, in a docker container

All Zigbee and Z-Wave radio chips actually use serial communication connections, not USB, the USB adapters just have an onboard USB to serial bridge/converter chip.

Anyway, before doing so, be warned that tunnelling a Zigbee serial interface over WiFi is not recommended (because the serial protol used has not been designed to be robust and it expect a stable serial connection without packet loss) so make sure you have a wired Ethernet if pick a such solution.

If want to use the built-in ZHA integration (Home Assistent’s native Zigbee gateway application component) then you need to use something like ser2net to setup a serial to network proxy which will create a serial-over-IP tunnel to relay they serial communication protocol. See →

If instead using third-party Zigbee2MQTT then you can choose to either just install Zigbee2MQTT as stand-alone on the remote server (which is the generally recommended setup over a remote Zigbee Coordinator setup), or you can use ser2net or similar as a remote adapter if use the Zigbee2MQTT add-on inside Home Assistant →

Desided it was easier to move my homeassistant to de other server so did that instead.

But thanks for your effort.