SkyConnect: (re)name devices when discovering / adding them

When discovering devices via SkyConnect, there is an option to rename the newly discovered entity.

Let’s say a device is automatically named lumi airrtc agl001. I then rename it to Arbeitszimmer/Vorne. However, while the friendly_name now is Arbeitszimmer/Vorne, the ids are still

  • climate.lumi_lumi_airrtc_agl001_thermostat_2 (should have been renamed to climate.arbeitszimmer_vorne or climate.arbeitszimmer_vorne_thermostat)
  • sensor.lumi_lumi_airrtc_agl001_hvac_action_2 (should have been sensor.arbeitszimmer_hvac_action)
  • sensor.lumi_lumi_airrtc_agl001_battery_2 ( sensor.arbeitszimmer_vorne_battery)


While building automations over the years, I used certain patters, for example, all climate entities are named climate.<room>, or -if more than one in a room- climate.<room>-<location>, so or climate.office_window, climate.office_front, etc.

So when changing automations regarding these devices, I can search and replace with climate.office_window (same for, in this case, for example the binary_sensors for the windows related to the thermostats, as they are also named binary_sensor.kitchen_window_contact, binary_sensor.office_window_front_contact, etc.).

These new names are not very transparent; while the thermostat in the kitchen is climate.lumi_lumi_airrtc_agl001_thermostat_2, the one in the bedroom will be climate.lumi_lumi_airrtc_agl001_thermostat_5. However, these names are determined by the time they are added. So if I want the window sensor for the bedroom to end with _5, I also need to add it fifth place (or manually change everything).

I used to write everything in yaml, and now the UI for automations has improved so much. Perhaps, a lot of people don’t even care about this naming system… but I doubt that I am the only person why still prefers yaml and has a naming system for entities… right?

(I am aware that I can manually change the entites as a workaround… but this requires me to rename every single entity an integration proviedes; changing to climate.office_thermostat will not automatically also change the appropriate battery sensor to sensor.office_battery.

yes please, could you correct this? I just tried to bring my first Lamp and Motion Sensor over from Tradfri. I cannot go forward with the rest 10 lightbulbs and sensors before as this will result in an absolute chaos.

Besides that
the entities in the overview are named correctly, you just cannot find them in the automations section.