Skyconnect - USB extension

i took a Skyconnect confident to get zigbee connection to be more stable (i had zigbee devices connected to my somfy tahoma switch, that just was not made for that).
It seems i was wrong :smiley:
I have a raspberry 4 and the skyconnect conneted directly to usb is simply not working.
So i used the extension. I understood quite quickly that even with the extension usb3 port was not the right choice.
I have now a almost stable connection, but i have to move the skyconnect until it gests the connection to devices, so not the best. Iโ€™m now thinking to take a longer extension (iโ€™d say a couple of meters), do you have any experience? should i take a usb3 extension (since i assume itโ€™s better shielded)?

I have a 2m USB3 extension lead and it works fine.