SkyConnect zgbee issue

Hi everyone, please help.
I had a working zigbee with skyconnect, but I tried some silly things… I set up multiprotocol, and everything stopped working.
Now I would like to go back, I turned everything off, reinstalled, but the Zigbee is still not working.

When I am installing SkyConnect I get this:

instead of this firmware(which should be right I think, this was working)

Where to get the second one?
I tried skyconnect webflasher, but on flashdisk is still some NabuCasa …


If you want just the ezsp firmware you need to:

  1. Remove Silabs Multiprotocol Add On
  2. Flash the SkyConnect back to an ezsp only firmware
  3. Ensure the configuration on ZHA is correct

I’m guessing you might have missed the girl.

Thanks a lot!