SkyConnect ZHA instability after upgrading from HA 23.07.x to HA 23.10.x

I upgrade my HA setup quarterly due to the invariable issues I encounter with each upgrade. I usually do it a few weeks after the monthly major release so that any glaring issues are resolved.

Last week-end I upgraded from 23.07.x to 23.10.x and also the OS. Ever since, I’ve had my Zigbee network complete unstable. There was no hardware or location changes, just simply software.

I noticed others had similar issues some of which were resolved by including an extension to the SkyConnect dongle. So, I’ve tried that too - it’s now around 1.5m away from the server (that HA is running on). I’ve read several blogs on similar issues but baffled as to how a software upgrade can cause these?!! Did the upgrades include functionality that made it more sensitive to noise?!

I’m wondering if I should go back to my previous zigbee hub.

Any suggestions/thoughts?