Skyconnect Zigbee and Open Thread add-on

I am trying to connect my new Skyconnect Zigbee/Thread dongle with Home Assistant on a RaspberryPi 4 and I have been unable to get the device to connect… I get Serial Port Settings “failed to connect” error.

I could use some advice.
The Open Thread Border Router and Thread integrations seam to be recognized and operational.

Welcome to the forums. Are you sure that the port is correct?

Thank you for replying.
I’m a newbie and wouldn’t know the answer to the port question. How would I troubleshoot this?
Should I be in the “Devices” tab since this is essentially a dongle being used here?
Should I start from scratch…uninstall and reinstall the Skyconnect dongle?
I do not have any devices or automations of consequence on my system as yet, so I’m fine to start this process all over again.

Check what port it is connected to through Settings → System → Hardware → All hardware. Look for the device in the list.

I see…

I copied and pasted the Serial Device Path into the port settings, still “Failed to connect”
Does this device not allow Zigbee and Thread to co-exist working with HA?

I don’t think that’s recommended, no. I don’t use the Skyconnect but there should be plenty of info if you search the forum, I see the topic quite often.

I’m not entirely sure based on what you have posted, but a couple of things to help out:

  • SkyConnect can be used directly by ZHA (ZigBee only) Integration or OTBR AddOn (Thread only), or Multiprotocol (both Thread and ZigBee) AddOn but only one of these at a time.
  • By default SkyConnect is shipped for ZigBee usage (and thus ZHA Integration). HA may auto-config SkyConnect to work with OTBR AddOn or Multiprotocol AddOn if it sees these AddOns running. You have some control over this using the UI->Settings->Hardware CONFIGURE button (as you show above).

What I think is happening is that you have Multiprotocol AddON installed (it shows Reconfigure IEEE 802.15.4 radio multiprotocol support), and HA has auto-configured SkyConnect to be used with Multiprotocol AddOn, but what I think you attempted to do at the beginning of this post is to use the ZHA Integration where it fails to connect to /dev/ttyUSB0, which would likely happen if the Multiprotocol AddOn is already connected to it.

You should also know that the Multiprotocol AddOn for now has been put on the shelf from a developers perspective, so I would not use it. So either use the SkyConnect with ZHA Integration (or even ZigBee2MQTT AddOn) or with OTBR AddOn.