Slack now posts with username "bot"

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I’ve been meaning to post for a while, but I keep putting it off. I have HASS setup to post to Slack, and it all works fine. The app is setup on slack with the name “Home Assistant” and it’s icon is the HASS icon. Until a few releases ago this worked fine, but now, with no config changes, the bot posts to Slack with the username “bot” and a generic icon.

Oddly though, if I add an image to the post, then the username goes back to “Home Assistant” with the home assistant icon.

For example:

The service call for the first message is (via nodered):

{"message":"{{camera}} - Motion Detected - Gif will follow shortly...","target":"#cctv","title":"{{camera}} - {{time}}"}

And the second method:

{"message":"{{camera}}","target":"#cctv","title":"{{camera}} - {{time}}","data":{"file":"/cctv_gif/{{gif}}"}}

Literally the only difference is the file parameter

Slack config:

    - name: Slack
      platform: slack
      api_key: KEYHERE
      default_channel: '#home'

And the slack app config:

Any ideas? Seems like a bug to me?

I’m on release 0.111.0 installed in docker (HASS Core)

Anyone? At a loss here