Slave/Remote option as command line switch

At first i am new to the whole thing i just started last Sunday. Now i have two Raspberries running as Master Slave with a bunch of sensors. We are currently building a house so i will basically build the house around it. One year to go to implement my home assistant setup.
I struggled with setting up the slave, because i had issues with the python dependencies. I thought why on earth is there no command line switch to start as slave. I would suggest --remote IP,PW. This would also close an issue reported with the configuration.yaml link when running in slave configuration.


We don’t currently want to promote it as it is not a mature option.

Ok i see,
i have it running on my fork. I added the option --remote IP,Port,PW,ssl. So far it is working, but i looked into the remote class and i think there are some improvements required. I will test the setup for a while and push it into a branch if you guys want to check it out.