Sleep Me - Dock Pro

In case anybody has one of these I just put in an order for a Dock Pro 100% over priced - active cooling pad for sleeping. Look like they have an API so once I get the unit (and assuming I decide to keep it) - I’ll be looking into writing an integration.

Thought I’d open a topic in case anybody wants to help or is interested.

Working on the library here:


Just got mine today. I’m interested.
how do you like yours so far?

Still waiting on shipping. They said they are backed up 5-6 weeks so I’m expecting to wait another month.

I have a lib that connects to their api but doewsnt report anything cause I dot. Have any devices yet :slight_smile:

(Update the units made it to cali at least from china)

So I got my dock pro but honestly leaning towards returning it. Too noisy

Maybe I’ll write some of this integration before I send it back however……