Slider - fix values


I built a controller for my hot tub.
Would like use the slider but i need fix values. 3, 5 and 8

Can some one help me to create a slider with these numbers?


It’s not possible.

It’s possible to set an input_number’s Step Size so if you needed 3, 5, 7 then it could be done like this:

Screenshot from 2021-05-12 14-34-22

However, you need 3, 5, 8 and that’s not using a consistent Step Size.

You might want to consider using an Input Select because an Input Number cannot be made to work the way you want.

BTW, you posted your question in the wrong category. “Share your Projects” is for sharing the projects you have created with other community members. You are asking a question so the better choice of category is “Configuration”.

Thanks for the Infos.

It possible with other method e.g. script or something?

Sorry, I will change it to the right category.