Slider Switch in HA changed after a few seconds of being clicked

Good day,
When i hit the switch in HA to turn a light or a plug on or off, the switch in the HA Dashbord toggles, the device goes off or on depending on the initial state, but the the switch in HA Dashbord will toggle back to the original state. I cannot see the real state of the entity I am looking at.

  • I am running on a Rp 3
  • wired to my router
  • HA ver. 0.111.4
  • I test several snapshots i had before (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month) - same issue
  • I tested the same sd card on another Pi - same issue
  • I reinstall fresh today, same initial pi and initial sd card from scratch - same issue
  • have restarted several times - same issue
  • Connected the Pi to a different router in my house - same issue
  • Happens for both smart plugs and smart lights ran initialy on Tuya - Smart Life app (which work fine)

Any feedback is deeply appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Known issue:

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Thanks a lot for the prompt reply… I completely over look it was a known “issue”. I believe we need to wait for and update to fix it.

I will go ahead and reconfigure my setup. Thanks for the help.

The best way to reconfigure it would be to get your devices out of the cloud and use local control.

When i mentioned “reconfigure” i ment the rest of the previous setup except my Tuya stuff, expecting that issue to be solves shortly, becasue to be honest i am not to experienced in the removing devices from the cloud process and I dont want to damage my toys.

Any idea if and or when the Tuya integration will be fixed anytime soon…?

Thanks for your feedback!

My impression from reading that thread was, not any time soon and expect continued problems.

No fix for the core component has been proposed yet.

A fix for the custom tuyaha component has been proposed.

Going local really isn’t that hard (no soldering). Watch this then decide:

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I really appreciate your help and i am going to watch the video right now. Thanks a lot.


@tom_l Thanks for the video. It looks very straight forward. I am getting tired of having problems with Tuya devices and home assistant and also tired of my hassio talking to every 30 seconds.

However I have a question. My wife has the Smart Life app on her phone for turning on and off all the tuya outlets we have. What do I replace that with once I flash to Tasmota? Gotta keep her happy. :slight_smile:

There is a home assistant companion app for both iPhone and android.

Eh, I should have been a little more specific… I use Home Assistant on a tablet primarily for our house sitter. I don’t have HA on my wife’s phone, she uses native apps to control the various smart home devices. Is the Home Assistant app the only way to go once I switch to Tasmota for these devices or are there alternatives I can consider? I suppose I can craft the Home Assistant app for her to look similar to the Smart Life app but I thought I’d ask the question.

Once they are out of the cloud and only talking to home assistant, yes the home assistant app is the only way to communicate with the devices.

Creating a custom dashboard for her and setting it as default on her device would be the way to go.

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Thanks. I just ordered myself a Wemos D1 Mini and will give it a go tomorrow. Thanks for the very informative video and instructions.

You don’t need the wemos for this. You can connect to the tuya convert access point with a phone instead.

Yea, I saw that. But I kind of wanted a wemos anyway, so good excuse to get one.


@tom_l I think I want to use Tasmota 8.3.1, the latest stable release whereas is packaged in tuya-convert. When I watch your video, at 13:57 you discuss grabbing the tasmota-wifiman.bin file, however when I look at the 8.3.1 release, there is no bin file with -wifiman appended to it. Which bin file should I grab? I’m only asking because in general I think of it as good practice to use the latest stable release.

That’s not my video.

Bin file selection is up to you. Latest or latest wifiman version.

Thanks for the help. This has worked out well and I’ve started converting my Tuya smart outlets to Tasmota.

Hey tom_l good day, was able to tuya conver 2 plug and i am testing them out right now. Thanks for the advice.