Slideshow as part of HA dashboard?

Hi all,

I have an old LCD panel mounted on the wall in our kitchen displaying a family dashboard using a Raspberry Pi Zero and Dakboard ( software. I’m looking to update with setup with a Chromecast displaying a HA dashboard instead so I can display a variety of sensor data on the screen.

On the current Dakboard configuration, I have half the screen dedicated to a slideshow of family photos and this is popular with the family. I’ve had a quick look around but I can’t see a slideshow card but I may not be searching for the best keywords.

Can anyone suggest the best way to have a photo slideshow as part (50%) of a HA dashboard?



Hey did you ever make any progress with this?
Every so often I investigate to see if it’s possible to replace my existing DAKBoard solution…

Hi @TommySharpNZ,

No progress since I first posted this question but I haven’t tried doing this any time in the past 12 months to see if it is easier now. I’m still paying my annual Dakboard subscription :slight_smile: