Sliding gate automation

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I have been tinkering with HA for the past few weeks and starting to get the hang of things in the way of yaml, json etc. I’ve been looking into getting some Sonoff devices as I’m pretty okay around the house when it comes to electrical (i’ve installed a wall outlet or 2, wired up some split units etc) I’m interested in also adding my sliding gate onto my home assistance instance and I’m thinking the sonoff sv can do this, but I want to be sure before I order it. I’m also getting a nodemcu to tinker with as well…I’m not sure if hyperlinks are allowed but I have linked to the manual for my sliding gate that has the wiring diagram in it…I’m not sure exactly where to start…I’ve been searching forums for days and it seems that there are a lot of tutorials for opening a garage door, but nothing for a sliding / swing gate…currently, I only open the gate using remotes, there are no buttons or keypads…My thinking is that I can wire up a relay to the push button part of the board and it would trigger the gate to open…but I have not idea with the limiter switches would work or not…plus, I would also want to know if the gate is in the open or closed state…I’m totally open to completely bypassing the board and running from a sonoff / nodemcu if possible but I will need some guidance to do any of this…Here is the link, you can also google Aleko AC 1400 manual and it will some up as well linked to Aleko’s site…thanks for any help that can be rendered!!

Aleko AC 1400 Manual

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I had a quick look through the owner’s manual, yep,go ahead and order the sonoff SV, and a reed switch and magnet - you can get some nice metal encased waterproof ones off eBay.
You will have to flash the Sonoff with new firmware. Are you comfortable with that? Once you have it flashed with Tasmota you have something useable.
You have to convert the SV relay to dry contact. I use a small soldering iron to remove two zero ohm resistors. Others have used a screwdriver.
The Tasmota firmware will allow you to set a pulse time in 0.1 sec increments for the relay and to obtain the status of the afore mentioned reed switch in a separate topic, named whatever you want.

Use MQTT to talk to the SV from Home Assistant, the standard POWER topic will let you pulse the relay and the custom topic will let you know the state of the reed switch, which you have mounted on the gate so it is closed when the gate is closed.

You need power for the SV, you should be able to grab that from the gate controller board.


I used Raspberry Pi.
I use this so I may have gpio for sensor(open/close) and PIR motion at gate. You may also use push button for Doorbell function

Esp8266 with relay are available for $10US and may be used as well

Thanks, I still comfortable with flashing stuff… I’ve ordered the sv and a few regular sonoffs and what I need to flash it… i also ordered a nodemcu…Once they reach I will pop back for more direction… Thanks again

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