Slimme lezer signal from basement

Hi everyone,

Hardware seemed to be the right place to post this question…

So I have a Slimme lezer from Marcel Zuidwijks project, it’s wifi connected. Unfortunately my smart meter is in the basement of my appartement block, 6 stories down.

Credit to my WiFi router as I can still connect to it on the same floor as my basement, just not where the meter is (3meters short!?!)

Been looking in to LoRa networks but wanted to crowdsource some ideas here… One more limitation, I have no wired power source available in the basement.

All help and ideas welcome :slight_smile:


Maybe too simple thinking, but where your meter is, is also the power distribution. Creating a power outlet is easy to accomplish. Pick one of your groups and add some wire to an outlet next to the meter.
Does not resolve your 6 stories challenge yet, but would be thinking on powerline adapter to get your network travel to the apartment easily.

Hi Sander!

Thanks for the idea! Might look in to that!


if you in Netherlands, i can offer you some powerline adapters i dont use anymore :slight_smile: