Slow API causing Alexa response problems

Hello, I’m pretty new to the HA community and have a pretty decent set up going. However, I’ve encountered a slight issue when it comes to controlling my Sensibo AC pod via Alexa. 90% of the time this set up executes what I want, but it never comes back via Alexa to say that it’s successful, it always times out along the way, and Alexa responds with “this intent took too long to respond”, even though it works.

I’ve looked at increasing Alexa’s response time from 10 seconds, but that is apparently not possible, so this is where my question comes in.

Currently, Alexa translates my intent into a climate service action which is directly passed on to Sensibo’s API. How would I go about having Alexa translate my command to a value in HA which then HA passes onto the Sensibo API. Basically, what I need to happen is as follows:

  • “Alexa, set AC fan to high”
  • Alexa sets the fan value to high in HA
  • HA passes on the value to Sensibo API
  • Alexa responds with “AC fan mode set to high”
  • Sensibo API changes the mode to high

This way Alexa will change the value and return a confirmation, while HA and Sensibo API take care of the rest, albeit with some delay.

My current Intent script is:

    - service: climate.set_fan_mode
        fan_mode: '{{ Fan }}'
    type: plain
    text: >
      AC fan mode set to {{ Fan }}

I’ll share my Sensibo set up in full once everything is working properly, it’s great to be able to control the AC with voice from bed.