Slow camera snapshots

Hello all, I’m using the generic camera snapshot function to grab still images from some recent Dahua cameras. All is working well however it seems to be quite slow in grabbing the image. I’m seeing a 3 to 5 second delay on average. My system is running on a NUC with processor load extremely low. I’ve tried disabling snapshot authentication on the cameras but they’re still a delay. Anyone have some thoughts on what might be wrong? When I hit the url from a browser, the image is quite fast to load.

Have you tried the amcrest integration? I’m told it works with Dahua cameras, too.

Thanks for the suggestions. I gave it a try, but still had the same issue.

Finally, I tracked it down to an inverted binary sensor filter in ESPHome - I had my delayed_off and delayed_on reversed which was causing the snapshot delay.