Slow motion detection vs Motion light by HA

Just worked with HA for a few weeks, and i do have an issue with motion detection being slow when i create a new automation.

If i create Motion-activated Light by HA with the same device, its virtually instant!

I would like to have custom rules, so light is not turned on during daytime, and after 11 pm or so set the light to be around 10-15% - which i need a custom automation for correct?

I use Aeotec Smartthings sensors, and as mentioned above if i use the motion=activated light by HA they are quick. Making a custom rule it literralty takes +3 seconds to turn on light…

Hope somebody has suggestions

I would start here: Motion activated lights automation.

This should be very fast. Then you can add your other rules.

That is great, but how do i enter the or even find the device ID, i have a motion sensor and that should trigger the light switch …

In order to get HA to work properly you have to be a programmer?

Don’t use device id’s use entity_ids. Which you can find in Developer Tools → States. Or by clicking on the entity and looking in the settings menu (cog icon top right of more-info pop-up card)

No, but there are different ways to do automations: Automation Editor, Blueprints, Node-Red, etc. We don’t know your capabilities or skill level but there is a wealth of information available through the Documentation

You could search the Blueprint Exchange to find what you want. Or go a different route.

If you have any other questions, you can help us help you better by reading this: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

thx! I was able to find Entity ID, now how do i build the automation, or let me start with whai im trying to accomplish here.

I want the motion to trigger the hallway light when its after 11 pm and before 7 am, with a brightness of 10%.

I did create a scene, that will set the right brightness, but if motion is triggered it turns on with 100%

Obviously down the road i will like a rule during lets say 10 am to 3 pm its not going to trigger the light. So

11 pm to 6 am turn on light for 30 sec at 10% brightness
6:00:01 a to 10 am turn on lights for 30 sec with 100% brightness
10:00:01 to 3 pm dont do anyhting
3:00:01 - 10:59:59 turn on light for 30 sec with 100% brightness

I have build the automation through the GUI, but i cant get it to work the way i want… Motion trigger works real slow and is basically not useable for what im trying to do.

If im ok with 100% brightness the default motion light from HA works great and its really really fast… but i want the low brightness so wife is not bothered with the light from the hallway over night…

Use the UI editor - don’t try to write yaml until you’ve written a few automations, then you can look to see what the yaml is likie.