Slow network

Hi guys.
I’m quite newbie regarding hassio. Only had it for some days.
My plan with home assistant, is to make a smarthouse with all my devices in my house.
First I integrate my alarmsystem from verisure.
Here i have this problem the communication is really slow. On my app, the changes happends instantly, but on hassio, i have to wait for a minute.

In my automation.yaml. I have a script reading a door sensor. When the door opens, a light turn on. And when i close the door, the light turns off.

In my controller.yaml, i have !include automations.yaml.
Do anyone have a tip for me?

Looks like that component relies on polling their api. It likely has nothing to do with your network, and probably not much can be done to fix it, without using something different that handles all of the control locally