Slow Samsung Tab A8


I have a tablet hanging on the wall as a dashboard. It concerns a Samsung Tab A8 (One UI Core 5.1.1 Android 13).

This tablet only runs the Compagnon app of Home Assistant and Tasker (yesterday I reset the tablet to factory settings and therefore only installed these 2 apps).

For a few weeks now, the tablet has suddenly started to run slowly (I noticed, among other things, a fan that should run smoothly on the screen, but suddenly runs in fits and starts… or not at all).

If the tablet is slow, I only have to close the Compagnon app and open it again. After this it runs smoothly again for a few minutes…

I know the tablet doesn’t have the highest specifications, but to just show Home Assistant this should be enough… or not?

Someone with the same experience and solutions?

Thank you in advance !

I have a similar setup with an A7 running Android 12. No problems, although I don’t have any animated cards. Have you tried running HA in a browser?

Yes I did, but…

I think it’s that Android 13, but unfortunately I can’t return to Android 12

I will start a new topic, cause it’s not related to my tablet…