Slow UI on Android Phome


Recently I updated hassio to version 108.3. After this hassio on my mobile phone is very slow. Tabs are loading very slowly and hanging. I do not know if it is important but I am using custom header and before I used swipe and swipe_animate options which are no longer available(or I do not know how to use them in new custom header config). Could you please help me and tell why this UI is so slow on my android phone ?

Are you using compact custom header or the new custom header? The swipe options were part of the old deprecated compact custom header. If you’re using the old cch or haven’t updated the new custom header recently upgrade to the latest custom header code. There have been major code updates.


I am using newest custom header with compact_mode enabled, but issue still occurs :(.

Do the logs show any errors?
The swipe navigation had been removed from compact header and is now a separate plugin called Lovelace swipe navigation

Did you solve this? For me it’s painfully slow to switch tab on my phone (Pixel 2 XL).

Clicking a tab, stops everything for a maybe 2 seconds and the the new tab is shown but it stutters significantly.