Slow UI response with automation

I have an Aeotec Wall Mote quad that toggles a GoControl bulb via an automation. It more or less works, the bulb responds immediately, but the UI does not update the state of the bulb in the UI for about 5 seconds. Until the UI updates the state of the bulb, I cannot toggle the bulb again.

Here is the automation, its based on a Blueprint:

alias: Table Mote Toggle Floor Lamp
description: ''
  path: jiri.arazim/aeon-labs-wallmote-quad-z-wave-js-press-and-longpress.yaml
    wallmote_quad_device: 0e668c6960ce8a010fa2d9bee3ee5d65
      - type: toggle
        device_id: 5ebfe46aae463fbe20de019139cf6f4e
        entity_id: light.floor_lamp
        domain: light

Is there anyway to speed this up?

I’ve also noticed that if toggle the bulb using group association, the UI does not update at all.

FWIW, I may have found an answer to group associated devices not updating in the UI. I have two bulbs, Aeotec RGBW (ZW098) and a Linear (GoControl LB60Z-1), neither of which would update in the UI when toggled via an associated control. One control is an Aeotec Door/Window Contact Sensor, the other an Aeotec Wall Mote Quad. In the zwavejsmqtt Control Panel I changed the notification setting from ‘Hail’ to ‘Basic Set’ (parameter 80) for the Aeotec bulb. Now the UI correctly updates as that bulb’s the state changes. Unfortunately, there is no similar setting for the GoControl bulb. Only a dim level setting. I’ve looked about the internet looking for an undocumented parameter that might apply, but no luck. There is also an ‘update’ parameter which governs how quickly the bulb notifies the controller of a change in state. That might also prove helpful.