Slow Zigbee motion sensors

Hi All,

Here is a bit of background - I was using HA on an old laptop (reasonably quick cpu etc) with deconz / conbeeII stick

I have since switched to a Wyze 5020 thin client, and my amount of devices has also grown quite a bit. It is currently at about 170 devices which range from light bulbs to sockets to motion and door sensors.

What I am noticing is that my motion sensors (hue) have a 2/3 second delay when turning on the light.

I’m fairly sure that previously there was no real delay in this.

My zigbee network seems fairly robust as there are lots of bulbs & switches acting as repeaters.

I’m wondering where the possible bottleneck would be occurring? Do you think it is the number of devices I have, or the power of the thin client??

Would love your thoughts!