Slow zwave response, node error

I noticed that some of my lights were reacting slowly when I was turning them on/off from HASS.

I fired up OZWCP and I see in the log:

2017-01-30 09:28:00.081 Error, Node007, ERROR: Dropping command, expected response not received after 1 attempt(s)

Node 7 is one of my earlier nodes and is one that I turn on/off a lot (it’s one of my kitchen ceiling lights).

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix the issue? I’ve tried (as best as I could figure out how) to do a heal of that node (and return routes), but that didn’t seem to help.

It’s a general issue with Z-Wave, since I joined this forum a few weeks ago I’ve seen a few threads with similar issues, and intermittently I have them myself.

It looks like either the far node doesn’t always receive the message, or the controller doesn’t always receive the response. For example, sometimes I’ll see a light turn on, but HA thinks it hasn’t yet because the confirmation hasn’t been received. Routes don’t seem to matter that much, because I’m as likely to see it with nodes that directly communicate with the controller as not. In my very limited setup, I’ve found that certain devices are more likely to have the issue than others, but I don’t think my setup is large enough to draw meaningful conclusions.

Who is the manufacturer of the device? After some years in zwave I can tell you that some devices are crap! I have many of them in my closet because one crap device is enough to hang the zwave network.

So, if it isn’t a distance problem then I suggest you to replace it. Sooner or later you will do.

It’s a GE 45606. I’ve had it for years - it just started acting up a couple of weeks ago. It’s fairly near my controller - maybe one hop away, 12 feet.

Did you try to exclude it from the controller and include it again? Or try to cut your main power for a while in order to restart the switch.

I’ve been avoiding excluding/re-adding since it’s tied to so many things (lots of automations, groups on Alexa, etc). I’ll try that before giving up. I’ll try cutting power and see if that help any.

I feel you. It’s a good reason to name the nodes from OZW panel. Maybe it’s a good idea a new sd card with HA only for your tests.

Once you exclude/re-add, you change the Zwave ID. There’s no amount of backing-up-the-SD-card that’ll help with that.