Slug terminology

I got a configuration error saying “invalid slug”.

Why does HA use this odd terminology? The rest of the world would call it “YAML key” or simply “key”.

(I believe I already have identified how I need to fix it, but I don’t see a reason for not be able to use capital letters.)

This is a key value pair:

key: value

This is a slug:

I don’t see that guy referring to a dictionary or something similar.

That’s because the term has nothing to do with dictionaries.

A slug is a human readable unique id.

It is not “odd terminology”. It is widely used by programmers.

I am a programmer. It’s mostly something used by some “web programmers”, AFAIK. Specifically those connected by the likes of people using Wordpress. It is not academically accepted terminology at all.

All terminology is “odd” to those who are unfamiliar with it. Every discipline uses terms that may seem odd at first.

Because it’s not how a slug is defined in Home Assistant; it conforms to the general practice of employing lower-case for almost everything in Home Assistant.

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Yes, really.

How is a slug defined in Home Assistant?

I see this in the documentation:

  • Filter slugify(separator="_") will convert a given string into a “slug”.

Sane documentation would have been hyperlinked.

A quick look at your post history reveals you’ve pretty much done nothing but bitch and moan since you got here. As a programmer you could help out by improving things. Or maybe you would prefer OpenHab?


Look better, and bitching and moaning is not the same as saying what needs to be done. I am saying that whoever feels responsible for this needs to hyperlink words like “slug” to a glossary.

Everyone can submit additions/modifications to the documentation. If you believe it could benefit from your suggestions, free free to submit a PR with the changes.


I don’t submit PRs, because I hate the conflicts with the über agressive people in open-source.

Understood. Your contributions to this project are limited to reporting (in an “über agressive” way) how it fails to meet your expectations.

It doesn’t sound like a winning strategy but it’s your choice. Good luck.


That too would be inaccurate.

The statement merely reflects your posting history. Your quarrelsome responses simply reinforce it.

Your most recent post continues to reinforce my previous statement.

Before you continue, you might want to review the community’s FAQ, especially guideline 22 which is the community’s Code of Conduct.

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Pretty sure you are harassing me.

Yeah look before this gets any worse I’m closing this topic as the original question has been answered.