SM2135 issue

I’m having some trouble setting up a newer version of the Kmart Mirabella Genio RGBWW lights. Part No. 1002339.

I had a couple that had been going fine for just under a year both die within a few weeks of each other, so I took them back and grabbed a couple of new ones.

I didn’t know they had changed internally until after I had flashed them with tuya-convert using the same ESPHome BIN I usually use. It sync’d and flashed fine, the light appears online in ESPHome, but I have no control of colour or brightness, and can only get warm white to come on at a particular point in the yellow spectrum.

After doing a bit of reading through the mirabella genio thread I’m guessing they are running the sm2135 chip to control the colours etc, so I have downloaded the 4 files mentioned (,, sm2135.cpp, sm2135.h) and put them in /config/esphome/custom_components/sm2135/. When I add the sm2135 stuff to the yaml files it is giving me this error…

Can anyone point me in the right direction?