SMA Inverter reporting lower power value


I’ve noticed that my SMA inverter is now reporting lower power value than the SMA dashboard itself lately.

For instance, the SMA dashboard reports 1761 W but HA says 970W.

Any idea?

Was it changing significantly at the time?

Home Assistant and the web console will be sampling at different times.

Mine seems ok:

0.05% difference.

It used to be just like your with a very small difference - mainly due to extra/different pooling frequency - but not anymore.

Looking at the figure now, I have HA 623W and SMA 1119W.

The total_yield is still correct.

Which sensor are you looking at in HA?


Note that I had it configured in yml and it has been migrated to the proper integration automatically., I can’t tell if it started to give wrong values after though.

Do you only have the one string of panels?

If you have two, you’re only looking at half the power produced (pv_power_b is the other half).

How well does the sensor.power_l1 sensor compare with the web?

That’s the power produced by the inverter from both strings a and b.

You’re totally right, the reported value is Power[A] only.

Out of curiosity, do you know why Power isn’t the total of Power[A] and Power[B]?

I might have to delete/add my integration since all others entities are disabled (not currently available). I only have pv_power_a, status and total_yield activated.

So I deleted the integration and re-added it, I now have both strings and a new grid_power with both.

sensor.power_l1 is still unavailable.

That might be inverter specific, or it might be one of the automatically disabled entities that you have to enable. In Configuration / Integrations / SMA inverter / Your Device / Device down the bottom of the card click show disabled entities.Or the electrician might have wired it up to use L2 or L3.

Post a screenshot of the inverter device card.

Thanks for you help anyway, it solved my issue.