SMA Solar integration missing home consumption numbers

Typically when talking about solar PV installations and monitoring their performance, you the following 3 key metrics:

  • PV array production (how much sunlight is being converted to electricity)
  • Grid injection/consumption (how much electricity am I taking from the grid, or pushing back onto the grid)
  • Own consumption (How much electricity is my home consuming)

It seems the SMA solar integration is lacking the last metric, although the ‘SMA Energy’ app as well as the inverter’s (STP 10.0 SE in my case) web page are showing this figure. Is this a shortcoming in the integration?

I know that having any 2 of those key metrics, allows you to calculate the 3rd one (e.g. 500W PV production, 500W grid consumption, equals 1000W home consumption), and I could obtain this value by creating a template sensor in HA which performs this calculation (perhaps that’s what the SMA app and web page are doing?) but I just wantd to double check that I’m not missing something obvious…

Integrations generally only report what is available from the API and don’t do calculations for additional metrics. That’s up to you.

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In case anyone is interested, I was able to create a ‘home consumption’ sensor using the following template which uses the SMA Solar states to calculate the value:

      name: SMA Home power consumption
      unit_of_measurement: W
      device_class: power
      state_class: measurement
      state: >
          (states('sensor.sn_<s/n here>_grid_power') | float
          - states('sensor.sn_<s/n here>_metering_power_supplied') | float)
          + states('sensor.sn_<s/n here>_metering_power_absorbed') | float

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