SMA Sunny Boy Integration via Web Connect

Hallo, i try to Integrate my SMA Triepower and SMA Sunny Boy Solar Charger in my HA.

How can I Do this ?

Is it possible to Integrate the Sunny portal or better direct over IP the Single Device ?

Do i need an ADD ON ?

Actual the Triepower did not acept the credentials
And I get no connection to the Sunny Boy via IP.

But in the Sunny portal I can See all !

Have a look at this topic: MODBUS data from SMA Inverter

This is for a RS485 serial Connection.
I Use a LAN Network Connection.

I already get Connection from HA to the SMA Triepower But when I try to connect the old SMA SunnyBoy, I lost the Connection.

Now it was not possible to get the Connection to a SMA Device anymore.

No, that topic is also for LAN connection. I’ve got my setup working over LAN thanks to that topic.

Can you connect via bluetooth with the Sunny Explorer windows program?

I have install the SMA Energy Meter addon now.

Is it possible to implement the SMA Sunny Boy in the HA in this way ? ( without using a SMA Home Manager)