SMA SUNNY TRIPOWER 10.0 SE Energy Dashboard

i want to setup the energy dashboard for my SUNNY TRIPOWER 10.0 SE but i fail. I have already configured the device in Home Assistant and i see a lot of needfull values:

In the configuration of the energy dashboard i see five values. Every combination i tried gives me rubbish data in the energy dashboard. So any advice would help :wink: Which value belongs to which field in the energy dashboard?

  • battery_charge_total
  • battery_discharge_total
  • metering_total_absorbed
  • metering_total_yield
  • pv_gen_meter
  • total_yield

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is your SMA HomeManager connected to your Tripower? If not you should connect it as the HomeManager cannot be read by HA (as far as I know from my system).

from the Homemanager you get more values. then you can configure EnergyDashboard like these (sorry for the german keywords, not sure if the google translation would be correct)

grid_total_absorbed ← netzbezug?
grid_total_yield ← netzeinspeisung
pv_gen_meter ← PVProduction

battery should be clear

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Thank you for your reply - and sorry for my late answer.
I guess the Tripower is connect with SMA HomeManager, because the sunny dashboard app shows valid data. How could it be if those two are not connected properly?
i don’t have the fields you have… hmm weird.

did you find out any solution for this? i am trying to get a SMA Tripower 6.0 SE into the dashboard… The tripower is directly connected to a sma sunny home manger 2.0.

The webinterface of the tripower shows all values correctly.

I got the integration SMA Solar set up and running. but i didnt find the right sensors or they are not accepted in energy dashboard.

Maybe i am just missing a thing here?

Sorry for the late reply. I was doing other things :slight_smile:

TL;DR: This is how i set it up:

Hint: If you have trouble translating those attributes into your language, set your profile language in Home assistant to English.

Grid Consumption: Metering Total Absorbed
Return to Grid: Metering Total Yield
Solar production: PV Gen Meter
Energy going in to the battery: Battery Charge Total
Energy coming out of the battery: Battery Discharge Total

First of all i needed to to understand that the data which home assistant and which SMA shows, serve different purposes. Once i got this, it was quite easy for me to understand which sensor to put into the energy dashboard.

SMA is showing in it’s Overview page, the current production and usage and distribution of power.
Home Assistant is not showing this! Home Assistant display the generated and consumed power of the day.

For example: My PV is producing currently 4700W, then in the SMA App i see 4700W.
In Homeassistant I would not see that in the fancy animation, instead i would see how much power has been generated from 0:00am until now through my PV, so for example 10.000W.

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