SMA Sunnyboy inverters

I have three Sunnyboy inverters (two 7.7kW and one 5.0kW) in my solar array and the SMA integration does not have a kWh daily energy production sensor to use as a source with the Energy dashboard.

The inverters do have the instantaneous power (W) so I can integrate this and derive the energy (kWh) or I can use the total energy meter sensor (kWh) and create some sort of script to read the sensor at midnight and then return the difference as the daily production.

Just wondering if anyone out there is using the SMA Sunnyboy inverter integration and has ran into this and has ideas/solutions to share before I dive in to implement my own solution.

The energy dashboard should reset the total energy sensor at midnight as it is.

Is the the issue that the daily yield sensor is in wh (watthours)?

I don’t use this integration. I do however use a total energy sensor on the energy dashboard. It works fine.

My total energy sensor is
State_class: total_increasing
Device_class: energy

I added the total energy from one inverter and so far it looks promising.

I was hung up using the daily yield sensor as the Energy dashboard input which I don’t have. But HA looks smart enough to pull the changes from the total yield meter (currently about 25MWh) to feed the dashboard. I just have to create some synthetic sensors that sum up the individual sensors and use that as the input.

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