Smaller Form-factor Power Plugs

Hi all,

Any suggestions out there for smart power plugs that actually allow other plugs to be used either side of it. Have a power board but after my two Sonoff S20s or S26s I can’t plug anything in other than these damn plugs.

They just seem so wide.
The photo below is an example where the S20 just takes up so much room.

I use these which are supported by zigbee2mqtt and also provide energy measurement.
Maybe they are available in US version.

if you have some electrical ability you could use a shelly 1 or 1 pm if you wish to monitor power.

Thanks for the replies. Doesn’t need to be power monitoring.
Just looking for smaller form factor in general smart plugs.

I always forget Shelly. Might investigate their product range.

These Xiaomi ZNCZ02LM control via MQTT |