Smaller version of inductive proximity sensor for water meter

Many websites (notably Build a cheap water usage sensor using ESPhome and a proximity sensor - mention the LJ18A3-8-Z/BX-5V to count the pulses.

Unfortunately my meter is out on the street under a box and the box is not very high. Can anyone recommend a smaller one? For example, would this work?

Coïndicence or not…this got posted recently
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Oh thanks.
I have Discord but not too familiar with it. When I click the link and login I get “No text channels”.

@vingerha Would you mind quoting this or is there a different link ?

PS: I just measured and there is a mere 1.5” clearance when closing the box … so no chance to use the LJ18A3…

You’d need this link then to the esphome discord channel: ESPHome