Smallest device for HA OS

Hello, I wonder tonight:
What would be the smallest device to install Home Assistant OS? Something small enough to hide behind the modem, for example, with a minimal processor and memory to do a decent job.

For now, I think it could be something like this:

Small, enough RAM and processor, Ethernet…

Any other ideas for something even smaller and functional?

Depends what you want to do. How many devices do you want to control / monitor? What do you want to do exactly?

Have you searched this forum for “hardware options nuc”?

I’m using a NUC with HA OS, and it’s fine.

It’s just that I’m going to set up a new Home Assistant for a friend and he asked me to have something really tiny, he doesn’t like the idea of a raspberry pi or a NUC, he would like to have “something as big as a smartphone behind the router”…

He would like to control 2 cameras, about 10 leds/lightbulbs, and about 5 movement detectors.

The physical dimensions of the Higole are larger than a RP 4 in a FLIRC case and some small NUCs. Not sure what the aversion is to Pi & NUC but, ok…

I’m guessing (since I have no experience with it) that the Higole will work if you can get HA loaded.