Smart Audio system for home

I am exploring HASS and it looks great. Now I am past smart lights/fans/thermostats etc.
Right now my problem is audio. I would like to have i.e. audio center in kitchen and in bedroom, somehow connected to HASS - I do not need it to be smart smart and follow me from one room to another :slight_smile:
Since i have never done something like that - i’ve always had my pc in my room (or later tablet) I don’t know nowadays possibilites.I would like to be able to play music from spotify/local media/ internet radios. What are possible ways to achieve this ? How do you manage your audio to play ? :slight_smile:

I like Chromecasts and GHomes for this since they allow you to sync the audio in groups so you can have whole house audio. (IMPORTANT: You can only group Chromecast AUDIOS and GHomes in groups - Regular AV Chrome casts can be used to play audio from HA but they can’t be added to audio groups.

As far as integration into HA, this one is one of my favorites:

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