Smart blinds

As it’s a bay window was lucky I could hide the power and wires in the corners

Original plan for centre blind was to replace existing wand with a longer one but it’s a big window and they don’t make them long enough

Used a wooden dowel instead.

Case may upgrade to a 3D printed case as a friend has just bought one but currently made with thermo mouldable plastic beads

Small plastic project case for covering my shockingly bad attempt at soldering. Used 6c rj12 wire as it’s thin and flat but you could easily use cat5.

Node mcu’s and motor drivers are in the connection boxes hidden behind the lintel. This is the left blind driver.

This is still work in progress. Wanted to prove it would work first and iron out the wrinkles before tidying it up.

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Hi @EGO01,
I am new to 3d printing world. What so of printer you used and recommend? Thanks.

Sorry didn’t use a 3D printer so I can’t help.