Smart blinds

Has anyone found a good product that will automate blinds? I see plenty out there but I would need ones that can control vertical blinds that only have a wand and not a chain.

For example, I usually grab the wand and move the blinds to the left or right or turn it to open or close. Thanks.

Did you check MySmartBlinds ?

Yea they don’t work with vertical wand blinds.

@Darbos did you consider a DIY solution? With vertical wand it should not be so difficult, and a simple servo should suffice to turn the blinds on and off. If not, have you checked Somfy products?

As the title of this thread is really generic, I will take the privilege and ask if anyone has seen a ready-to-go solution to automate internal roller blinds, just like these ?

Sure, there are several solutions. I use DM25LE’s from Dooya, they are battery powered(!) and work perfectly in combination with a broadlink RM Pro.

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Hi @sjee!

Thank you very much for your attention and your suggestion of Dooya’s motors!

Do you by any chance know / have heard of their distribution for Europe?

@Bretos. I could find very little about these motors for sure no distribution in Europe. I first bough one for testing and then got a good deal on the rest. The charger has a EU plug though.

Thanks everyone. I wasnt looking to replace any blinds. I was curious if there was a solution to just automate that wand somehow. I found what looks pretty cool but wont be available until March here:

Dooya looks intresting but not much info out there or i couldnt even find where to purchase. I would need the dm40s that work with vertical.

Has anyone tried these? It says they support standard wifi.

I’ll jump on here and ask about plantation shutters as well. There was a kickstarter a few years ago that never panned out, but I’d love to automate mine, problem is I have 8-10 that I’d need to automate, and each of those have a top 1/2 and bottom 1/2. SO 16-20 devices (most likely). Seen some people do stepper motors, but not pretty enough for the SAF (Spouse acceptance factor)

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Hello @Darbos did you manage to get a product to make your vertical blind operated using a wand smart?

I have vertical blinds operated using a wand but cannot find anything to make it smart.

Ive looked multiple times since then and still nothing. I wish they would start coming out with some options

check these guys out

I did email them but they never got back to me.

You could DIY like this:

the OP is asking for vertical blinds using a wand not strings which is what the video is showing

Ive seen those and almost ordered some to try but never did.

what did you email about?

I did place the item in the basket but it wouldnt let me check out as I live in United Kingdom and it said error even though they ship it worldwide

did you manage to get the next step after placing the order in the basket? I think mine gives me errors when it estimates the cost of the delivery

I DIY’ed my venetian blinds that are wand controlled. It only controls the tilt of the blinds but I rarely do pull the blinds up and down anyway so not an issue for me.

I used this project as the basis.

Used this coupler to connect the existing wand from the blinds to the stepper motor.

Was a very cheap solution as I have bay window and thus 3 sets of blinds to automate.

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well done @EGO01

do you mind sharing some photos please? i.e. the connection to the existing wand and the cabling etc?