Smart bulb scenes


I am trying to create some scenes which changes the light bulbs brightness and colours.

They will be part of a more complex automation made with node red which depends on the pressed button on the wall switch, it will cycle these created scenes.

I have created two lights group. The bulb are different brands, but they both work under tuya cloud.

I have created two different modes : relax and default.

The default mode switch the bulbs group to white mode with defined brightness.

The relax mode switch che bulbs group to colour mode, in which every bulb has its own colour while the same brightness.

With the first group I am facing that the brightness does not change…it is strange…it seems to change the first time and than it seem like it chooses one from the two different defined brightness and it does not change anymore…eg. if in the first scene the brightness is set to 255 while in the second scene the brightness is set to 64, it cycles between white mode to colour mode with brightness set to 255.

On the second group of bulbs, I am facing another problem. While setting the colour for each bulb, I see with my eyes the colour changing for each bulb. After saving and exit from the scene, the bulbs returns to their previous state and if I enter again into the scene, the bulbs have been set to white mode…I have tried everything, I have also modified manually the yaml file with the generated scripts, but nothing.

I am the only one to face this kind of problems?

Any ideas?