“Smart Button (MOES) IP55 zigBee Tuya (Smart Life) ERS-10TZBVB-AA (White Square) 4B1-03E3-04 (ZN358218_01) - With 3 features” how connected and get features?

HI! I bought “Smart Button (MOES) IP55 zigBee Tuya (Smart Life) ERS-10TZBVB-AA (White Square) 4B1-03E3-04 (ZN358218_01) - With 3 features” and add in Smart Life app, but I can’t add this Smart Button in HA (Button connected, but in HA - 0 features. Maybe somebody help me?!

Same here, have the same Smart Button, added to ZHA but the control is not working properly.

Has anyone some tips what can be done?

Regards, Benny

I don’t know anything specifically about this brand of ZigBee smart button, but I wonder if it works like the sonoff ZigBee buttons. Those ZigBee buttons set up in zha, but unlike other ZigBee devices, they don’t create a state entity. Instead they fire events in home assistant. You may want to try using the developer tools > events tab to view xha_events. Set the event type to zha_event. Press the Moes button. If it works this way you will see the event data. Then you would just need the “device_ieee” and the “command” from that output.

Using that info you would have your automation look for that event(based on zha_event, device_ieee, and command) as a trigger. Typically there are multiple commands, for instance on for press, one for double press, and one for long press. To get these, just monitor zha events in dev tools, and initiate each press type and see if each generates a new command.

Here is a link to the sonoff ZigBee buttons community article that helped me with my sonoff buttons. Hopefully this works for these Moes buttons.


I posted a response to the original poster. Take a look and I hope it works for the Moes brand ZigBee buttons.


This post set me on the right path to solve this exact issue with this button. I have an automation to turn on some outside lights when a door is opened. Most of the time, it’s just to let the dogs out, so I have a 15 minute timer on the lights. If, however, we go outside, we are plunged into darkness 15 minutes later :slight_smile: So I got this button to turn the lights on manually when we are outside.

I listened for events and got the device.ieee and command events from pressing a button. This is the trigger portion of my new automation for the lights:

It works perfectly.

Interestingly, there are some device triggers offered by this button, but they are long presses and double presses, but not the single press.