Smart CO2 bottle

Hi everyone!

I have a quooker with a 2kg CO2 bottle attached to it. It often happens, that I notice too late that the CO2 bottle comes to an end and therefore I wondered if there are any ideas/hardware (that does not cost a fortunre) to make this smart and to visualize the remaining filling in %? I have a pressure reducer attached to it The needle is around 50 when it is full. The space where this is installed is very tight.
I thought the best way to get accurate readings would be via the weight but I did not come across a good solution to measure this with HA compatiblity.

Maybe anyone has some ideas how to make this lett dumb :slight_smile:

Have you looked into using ESPhome and a weight sensor? I’m not sure how accurate they are. HX711 Load Cell Amplifier — ESPHome

Hi @tom_l,

Looks like a good guide which I will give a try. This is by far beyond anything I have done so far, so I am exited about the outcome.