Smart Coffe Maker (with touch screen, soon)

Hi there!

Well i’m working on something “easy to do”, i’m trying to convert a Dolce Gusto Krups Coffee machine to a Smart one.

I will just put inside a Sonoff Basic replacing the mechanical switch.
And with some buttons on Hassio with timers. When button is pressed it will start to make the coffee and stop after X time depending on the type of coffee chosen (yes, this coffee maker does not stop auto, it’s manual): (This is the easy part)

This is a view from hassio with the buttons. The idea is to install somehow a touch screen to the Coffe machine.

But i’m not sure what to do. Installing the Rasberry insde or close to de Coffe Machine and buy a touch screen for raspberry? Maybe placing a Phone or Phablet ? (With a phone there are several inconveniences, like need to stay charging 24h, i can’t control turning off or on the screen from hassio…).

The idea of corse is when the coffee machine is turned ON, the screen turns on too and with the coffee View opened.

While i’m waiting to recieve the sonoff, do you have some ideas how to install some sort of touch screen?

Thank you!!

As for the phone/tablet option, take a look at fully kiosk browser or wallpanel. Both can be controlled by ha.

You have a power supply in the coffee machine, leverage that with a 5v converter and run a discrete cable to the phone charge port.

You have power there with the sonoff so connecting a phone shouldn’t be an issue.
There are ways to control your phone/tablet from HA.
Theres Wall Panel Edit: @nickrout just beat me to this suggestion :slight_smile:

Maybe a better option for your use would be something like Tasker and MQTT Client

Your screenshot looks awesome. I will be very interested in what you come up with

Well with the pi screen you would still need to wire that in so I don’t see what the problem with the phone/tablet would be.

Personally I’d look at an amazing fire tablet (nice and cheap) and then get a qi adapter for it. That way it would be nice and easy to mount too.
I’d then look at using a dashboard app on the tablet, you can always use taker with MQTT to control screen etc.

Yep qi charging makes it much easier to hide the cable.

Nice! I did not know about dashboard apps. Kiosk and Wall Panel looks awesome. I saw a video and with Kisosk is able to turn on and off the screen (maybe the brightness) from HA:

That’s really interesting. I will start playing with these apps right now xD
If this works then it’s decided, a phone or tablet.

I must check if the machine have a 5v connector (or using a converter). Is my first sonoff so i don’t know, but if it have a 5v output i will take from there.

The qi charger is a good idea too, it is more discreet. And maybe i can 3D print a custom support for the tablet and the charger.

Thank you very much for the advice!! I really appreciate them.

I will be updating!

Any news on this project?

No update, nice idea