Smart Controller for Stanley Brandon 60/80/100k Mark II Stove for Underfloor Heating


First post! I looked but could only find gas-fired boiler posts and nothing on a Stanley (Aga) oven system.

I was inspired by the post below to see if there was some way to get Smart Home Controls into my parents underfloor and radiator heating unit, which runs off a Diesel Oil fired Stanley Brandon 60/80/100k Mark II Stove.

My approach to smart heating (radiators, floor heating, gas boiler) - Hardware - Home Assistant Community (

Whilst I understand there is a 1:1 controller unit replacement (of the equivalent original ST6400C) using the Honeywell Version (ST9400C), this is not a Smart Controller, just a 7 day timer. The instructions for that replacement [are here] (How to replace the controller of a Stanley Brandon Mark 2 for £100 less), but it is not really what I was after.

Does anyone know of any 3rd party suppliers of replacement units that can turn it into a Smart Device or whether any system exists that can replace the Stanley Controller shown below?

Second step, would I also need “Smart” individual radiator controllers?

cheers and thanks!


Anyone got any thoughts on this please? Also the Thermostat under the Controller?