Smart dimmer module with a dumb dimmer switch

Thinking of pairing these two together, because I’d like to use some dumb dimmer switches that look the part (that you cannot get in smart form). Thinking of a zigbee smart dimmer module by Sonoff.

Would the dimming controls interfere with each other?


What is this look?
Remember to tell us what part of the world you are in.
But there are a few dimmer modules in European market that you can integrate.

Combining a dimmer with a dimmer seems very hard in my opinion

Hey. I’m in the UK. The look I’m after is just a copper metal one

There are quite a few zigbee dimmer pucks you can install behind the push button switch of your choice. Or were you talking about a rotary dimmer control?

Yea I’d like to maintain a rotary dial too, in keeping with the look I’m after

Then you are probably out of luck.

I only know of rotary controls that are “all in one” mechanisms that do not give you a choice of dial and faceplate.

See the list here: Database of Zigbee devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZiGate and ioBroker

You may be able to find a dimmer for which you can replace the face plate and knob with those of your choice.

EDIT: and be very wary of “no neutral” dimmers. They may be easier to install but they will also be far more likely to flicker. The Schnider pucks (micro modules) are terrible for this. Even with their load correction device and their own downlights. The Schnider dimmer mechanisms that do use a neutral do not suffer this issue.

Thanks, really appreciate the advice.

You’ve just sent me down a rabbit hole that may give me what I’m after:

I might be able to get my intended dumb fancy looking dimmer switch and replace the internals with this

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That looks rather large, are you sure that will fit inside the wall?

Stud walls. Plus the entire home is getting torn down anyway :smiling_face:

I have the Samotech dimmers installed throughout my entire house (20 in total). They are actually quite small and can be used as single, double, triple, or quad gang depending on the faceplate configuration you purchase. You can choose between four different color knobs and two different colors of faceplates. I am very impressed with them and have never had any issues. I run them through zigbee2mqtt and they function flawlessly. I highly recommend them.