Smart Doorbell Camera vs Turret Camera

I’m trying to figure out if i should get the Reolink Video Doorbell or a HikVision turret camera specifically the DS-2CD2T47G2-LSU/SL(4mm)(C). This specific model supports built in two way audio through the hikconnect app. I’m leaning towards the Hik because the video quality will be far superior. it has the colorvu tech, which as seen on youtube, does wonders. I would like to deploy it on my front gate and use it keep an eye out on my door. I can make my current dumb doorbell smart too using a shelly1 so that isn’t a concern.
My concern is; will two way audio work in HA for the hikvision? or will i have to maybe make a button on the dashboard which opens up hik connect app and then navigate which basically wont be as seamless but may still do the job. I read online that the reolink doorbell supports two way audio through webrtc. will webrtc support hikvision two way audio as well? Does HIKVision have any HA integrations for easier access?
Is there anything that i’m missing? what in your opinion would be the better option? the reolink or the hik?
I just started using HA a few days ago if there are any dumb questions and/or answers on my part please forgive and guide. TIA

I had trouble integrating hik vision into home assistant