Smart doorbell that does not record - Help needed

Is there any smart doorbell that can be integrated in home assistant that does not record when not integrated with frigate?

The goal is to avoid data protection problems with neighbours in an apartment building.

The reolink doorbell doesn’t record anywhere by default

A bit hard to sell that it can’t record looking at its website: Reolink Video Doorbell PoE | Smart Wired Doorbell with Chime

“The doorbell camera will start recording before actual detections happen.”

" Reolink video doorbell supports 24/7 continuous, motion-triggered and scheduled recording. You can save your recordings locally to a Micro SD card (up to 256GB) or to a Reolink NVR."

Are you wanting the camera to turn OFF when doorbell is not being rung or person at door?

Is this a shared device? I dont understand the neighbor issue? Cameras dont record by default so they will not capture images, specifically if you dont add an SD card. There is potential for images to be captured but they are not captured unless you specify this. Even frigate not capture all events unless specified by user.

Other option is seperate the smart doorbell and camera. When doorbell ring, turn on camera. You can use DC or battery doorbell or POE. Smart switch can OFF/ON power or some ethernet switches have integration to control POE ports power state.

It says “supports 24/7” not requires. I dont think the ability to capture images is equal to actually doing this. In all cases, if any recording is possible, 24 hr recording is possible. A better solution may also be to position the camera so it do not show neighbors spaces or physically block those areas from camera view.

The hall wall of the apartment building is a shared area under Portuguese law.

To install something there, approval is needed from the other neighbors. It will be impossible to get them on board if the doorbell has the potential to record, hence the question.

It doesn’t record to the cloud and the only way it can record to the doorbell is if you insert an sd card.

Which is impossible to prove to my neighbors that I am not doing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

then the doorbell you are looking for will probably need to be built by yourself, I can’t imagine a doorbell with a camera that doesn’t offer onboard recording features

Ask them, get the concerns of those who care then work on those.

Have a good sales pitch and be prepared with answers to potentially questions.

  • camera will only record when bell rings
  • recordings will be deleted every xx days
  • have a sample image of what it will potentially show

Just some ideas

People are always jerks so maybe they will be ok with it


People are NOT always jerks so maybe they will be ok with it

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