Smart doorbell that looks like ordinary ones ;-)

Hi folks,

I’m looking to improve my current and, sadly, new doorbell. I’m here in Germany and everyone uses this kind of device:

We currently have a very similar one that also comes with an nfc token reader to unlock the door. It’s a classic 12V doorbell connection. I do have a network cable in the same hole, but I don’t know how that would be enabled to open the door like the current doorbell-cameras could.

Further, I have two displays in the house that show when someone rings the bell, and I can go back previous door-ringings (image and video), I can remotely open the door and and have one base call the other.

I also have an app for basic remote control, which is an extreeeemely bad app.

So what I’m looking for is to keep the good parts of the current setup:

  • nfc token access to the house
  • two displays that can call each other, show past events
  • remote open the door
  • form factor is a must, I have to say. I don’t like the tiny new bells, I have to admit. I guess I’m oldschool. So the image above is where I would like to go/stay.

And also improve a few things:

  • the displays suck, a lot. They are slow, they don’t sync the status (the other one will blink, too, after a ring, even when I go to the other station), they have irritating icons, they run out of time sync (1 minute per day!)
  • the app is a mess
  • HA integration would allow a few automations (light etc)
  • the camera angle is pretty bad, really. The spot was badly chosen by the electrician, but still…
  • camera has bad, really bad night vision

Now that I’ve written this, I feel like it’s not entirely a HA topic, but maybe some of you still have a recommendation or two…?

Thanks a lot in advance!

So is this a condominium or similar?
What does the inside of the unit in your apartment look like?
Does it have room for an ESP? Have you tried to find out where you open the door on it?

Our is the much older version and, but it was just a matter of connecting to pads and the door opened.
I just added a opto coupler to do the job.

Dahua VTH and VTO models are POE have remote display for in home. The doorbell looks similar to what you posted and has onboard switches for entry gate and sirens. NFC and keypad are available also I believe

These two projects come to mind for your setup:

Yes, it’s a stand-alone house.

I wouldn’t want to upgrade the current solution with addons, but really get new devices.

The dahua looks promising, also the other links/videos. I’ll take a look. Thanks a lot!